Advisory Committee

Making Sure It All Happens

The NH Conservation Number Plate Advisory Committee oversees the design of the Moose Plate and the distribution of the Plate’s revenues as legislated. The committee is composed of a number of legislators and staff from participating state agencies. It is the duty of this committee to ensure that the purposes and goals of the NH Conservation License Plate Program are being achieved. They report annually to the General Court, summarizing the number of plates issued, revenues collected and program accomplishments.

Funds are Distributed to the Following Agencies:

NH Department of Cultural Resources (DCR)

  • Division of Historical Resources
  • State Council on the Arts
  • State Library

NH Fish and Game Department                                        

  • Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program

NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED)

  • Division of Parks and Recreation: Historic Sites Bureau
  • Division of Forests and Lands: Natural Heritage Bureau

NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP)

NH State Conservation Committee

NH Department of Transportation

  • Bureau of Highway Design Roadside Development Statewide Lilac and Native Wildflower Program