Recipient Agencies

Conserving Natural, Historical and Cultural Resources

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To learn more about Moose Plate funding, recipient agencies, and grant programs, see the Moose Plate Flyer Infographic.

NH Department of Cultural Resources (NH DCR)

Through the Division of Historical Resources, the State Council on the Arts and the State Library, the NH DCR funds grant projects for the restoration, preservation, and/or conservation of publicly owned items significant to New Hampshire’s cultural heritage. More

NH Fish and Game Department (NH F&G)

Moose Plate funds benefit NH Fish and Game’s work to protect and restore threatened and endangered wildlife and their habitats through the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program, as well as helping to conserve land and restore watersheds for fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation. Funds also support fisheries research and restoration activities. More

NH Department of Resources and Economic Development (NH DRED)

Through the Natural Heritage Bureau, the NH DRED funds projects that research and manage native plants and natural communities. Through the Historic Sites Bureau, DRED helps fund the care, maintenance and administration of historic sites and resources. More

NH Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP)

Funds from the Moose Plate program support LCHIP’s administrative costs, including staffing and office expenses. LCHIP provides matching grants (from a different source) to help municipalities and nonprofits protect the state’s most important natural, historical and cultural resources.

NH State Conservation Committee (NH SCC)

The NH SCC awards Moose Plate grants to county conservation districts, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and schools that support the conservation of NH’s natural resources. More

NH Department of Transportation (NH DOT)

The NH DOT’s Bureau of Highway Design, specifically the Statewide Lilac and Native Wildflower Program, uses funds to beautify NH’s roadsides. More