270-acre Hazelton Farm and nearby waters protected with Moose Plate funds from the SCC.

State Conservation Committee


The New Hampshire State Conservation Committee awards Moose Plate grants to county conservation districts, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and schools that support the conservation of NH’s natural resources. 

The SCC Grant Program’s Focus Areas

  • Preserve, protect and conserve water quality and water quantity
  • Restore, enhance or conserve wildlife habitat
  • Reduce, prevent and/or manage soil erosion and/or flooding
  • Planning, implementing and using Best Management Practices for agriculture, forestry or storm water management
  • Conservation planning that accomplishes a conservation protection outcome
  • Permanent land protection through conservation easement or fee purchase

Eligible Grant Applicants Include

  • County Conservation Districts
  • County Cooperative Extension Natural Resource Programs
  • Municipalities, including agencies and commissions engaged in conservation programs
  • Qualified nonprofit organizations engaged in conservation programs
  • Public and private schools, Kindergarten through Grade 12)
  • Scout groups

Sample Projects

  • Town of Brentwood’s Exeter River Water Quality Improvements at Rowell Road West project completed improvements to the river bank resulting in improved water quality and public access.
  • Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests’ Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Demonstration Project implemented Best Management Practices to improve wildlife habitat and promote a demonstration wildlife education site.
  • Cheshire County Conservation District’s No-Till Farming Initiative held workshops and leased equipment to farmers, promoting no-till practices to improve soil and protect water quality.
  • The Francistown Conservation Plan is a community conservation plan based on broad public input, and provides an updated natural resource inventory to guide the protection of town’s natural resources areas.
  • The Monadnock Conservancy permanently protected the 126-acre Shattuck Farm through the purchase of a conservation easement, ensuring the conservation of agricultural soils and a diversity of wildlife habitats.
  • The New Hampshire Lake’s Association Lake Friendly Landscaping to Protect Clough Pond Project trained students and worked with landowners to implement best management landscaping practices to reduce the amount of storm water runoff and improve water quality.

Learn more about the SCC grant program or visit the projects page to see more completed projects.